Read it! Own it!


Recently, I watched the movie “Cloverfield” again (I’m a science fiction fan). Well, anyway, at a farewell party, before the horror starts one of the main characters is on a fire escape with his brother and best friend. The “Good-Bye Boy” is being told off about how he’s acting like a jerk by letting the love of life, the woman of his dreams, go while he goes to Japan for a new job as Vice-President of a company.
The Quote: “It’s a moments. Forget the World and hang on to the people that you care about the most.” At that second, the horror of the movie begins. Mass destruction by the highly improbable attack of a huge monster where all of the protagonists (and many more) die. (Still a cool film to watch)

A few weeks ago I was having a talk with my oldest daughter who has wrestling over a decision about what she was going to do with her life. A thought that most of us had to answer (or are still trying to answer).  I offered the advice to think about “what she would do for years, over and over, even if you wouldn’t get paid for it”. I told her that it has been estimated that 80% of the population work a job that they HATE! That’s absolutely terrible and sad. To think that the average person works 40 years out of their life at a job or profession, it’s an amazing waste of time out of the brevity of life. Life is much too short to waste so much time with something that one hates or with something that doesn’t fulfill them.

So, what do you do? START LIVING! Carpe Diem!
I believe you only have this one life to live, and you should NOT waste it! God, Allah, Yehova, Yahweh, Elohim, The Great Spirit …  no matter by what name you call Him, did not design the human to suffer, be sad, nor to be unfulfilled. The Human is creative and is intended to create and to come to realization, not only for him/herself, but for all of humanity.

Now, let’s get practical. It may not be possible to do all what we want immediately, but living life is project for life to be worked on continually and does not come to finality except in one’s own death. “The Way is the Goal”. Starting taking back and enjoy your life, piece by piece, every single day, and before you know, you’ll be living in the happiness you were intended to have.