Who are YOU?

Who are you? What makes YOU so special? What makes you think that YOU can make something special, even fantastic out of your life? Was it a book? A motivational speaker? Your MOM??? What makes you think that against all odds, YOU are going to do what you want with your life anyway?

Personally, I always hated it when some people tried to tell me what was possible for me to do and what not. I mean, I HATED THAT! How DARE they decided what was possible for me! Somehow, I always knew that that was MY decision. Certain things I accomplished simply because I didn’t know that there were limitations. Therefore, there were no limitations for me. (More on that at another time) I’ve even seen friends of mine do so,… ignore limitations.

So, if we’re at the point of ignoring limitations, what makes you think that there is something you CAN’T do? Well, I’ll tell you. You either have been listening too much to too many other people, you just gave up because it seemed too hard, or that you realized that you were chasing the wrong dream and wanted something else. So sweat. Sh*t happens. That’s what life is for. SH*T IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, RIGHT?

I mean, don’t you get a buzz when something excited is happening in your life? Not just activities and “one-in-a-lifetime” experiences, but even peace and quiet can be soooooooooooo …. ahhhhhhh! 🙂

So again, what or who gave you the idea that you can chase AND achieve your dreams?

I’ll tell you.


The fact that you even have your desires proves that you have it in you to accomplish your goals and dreams. You wouldn’t have those desires if you didn’t have potential to achieve them.

To coin a phrase: “ONE LIFE, NO FEAR”.


Starve the Fear!