End of the World?

Happy New Year!

Here we are in the year 2012! Finally made it!

Some people choose not to be happy about this. Some claim that the world will come to an end in December of this year.

I personally don’t believe the world is coming to an end. I think we, as human beings, still have plenty to do in order to mess up this planet even more before it’s all over. (Just kidding)Anyway, there are worlds that deserve to be destroyed and that is what this post is about. PersonalWorlds.Is your Financial World filled with stress? Fear of going broke? Fear of losing all that you have? Did you know that most people today experience as much fear about their financial situation as though they were being physically threatened? As though their life was in danger? Are you feeling that way? (I know I’ve been there, and not only once!) If you are experiencing that, can you try to take a sober attitude toward that right now? … C’mon, try it! Right now distance yourself from that threat and realize that it is just INSANE to feel so much anxiety over money. It’s been said, “Money is a great servant, but a terrible master.”

Decide right now, to declare Doomsday on this Financial World of Lack, Fear, and Poverty. Decide right now that this personal world must come to an end. Decide that you are no longer going to live in a world of financial lack and ruin. I don’t mean learning new financial techniques such as stock, bonds or real estate. You’re going to learn all that you can about being financially educated, financially responsible and financially independent.

In order to change your world, you have to change yourself. You have to change your thinking and you have to change your behavior. You must sit down or stand in front of the mirror and look yourself dead in the eyes and admit to yourself that you are scared. Scared out of your mind with fear about your financial situation. Be brutally honest with yourself about how you really think about money. Not how you should think, but how you really think. Just like in Alcoholics Anonymous, you have to admit your sick in order to heal yourself. Admit that you are financially ill in order to heal your situation. Make a commitment right now be master of your money and learn all you can about how to do just that.

How does your Emotional /Relationship World look like? Are you happy? Satisfied in your relationship? Your marriage? Are you in a relationship? Did you decide that you don’t want a relationship? If so, why? I mean, achieving success with no one to share it with is boring as hell and that’s not really being successful at all.

Are you still suffering from past relationships or marriages? Have you given up on finding or rediscovering true love? Do you even believe in True Love?

If you’re not the least bit happy with your relationship world, change it now! Life is much too short to be wasting time by living unfulfilled in the area of relationships.

Are you living in fear of losing your partner? Being controlled by your partner? Finding a partner? Annihilate this world right now! Admit to yourself in the mirror that you are afraid and you deserve to live differently. Divorce yourself from this world of emotional discontentment.

How about your Professional World? Are you satisfied there? Are you getting ahead like you planned, or did you get passed up on a promotion… again? Decide now that you are no longer going to take it anymore. You are no longer going to be a victim of your own lack of initiative. You are no longer going to suffer in silent desperation! Dismantle this world right now! Admit your fears!

Why is so important to admit your fears? You have to admit them in order to release them. Fear and Belief cannot coexist in the same heart!

After you destroy these little worlds, a vacuum will be present that you now have to fill. Fill them wisely. Fill them decisively. Fill them with all the desires you really have deep down inside you and stay true to them. No Matter What!

Get going now and destroy the old worlds and create the new!

Starve The Fear! Feed the Fire!