Aren’t you tired of hearing about…

80/20 principle
80/20 Principle

Aren’t you tired of hearing about…

The 80/20 Principle?

So many so-called personal development “Gurus” talk about spending only 20% of your time on a problem and 80% of your time on the solution. Fine and good but what does look like? Let’s try an example:

Alloted time: 1 hour (60 mins).

That means I’m only going to spend 12 minutes complaining (or cursing, yelling, brooding, etc) and 48 minutes finding a solution. Can all problems be solved within 48 minutes? Of course not. :-/

Let’s try your waking day: 16 hours (if you actually get 8 hours sleep).

So that’s 3 hours and 32 minutes grieving, sighing, despairing, etc. and 12 hours and 28 minutes on the solution. Sounds pretty generous.

Nevertheless, none of us are going to set a timer next to us to really see that we only use the alloted time for complaint and NOT go over it.

Many things just don’t have a timeline on them or just the time necessary for improvement cannot be predicted.

Problems are still an emotional thing. We have to get ourselves into a certain frame of mind that mobilizes us to contemplate and then take action.

If you feel the need to complain a little longer than that “20% of your time”, then do so! Get it out of your system! When you need to be healed from an illness, you need to get the sick bacteria/virus out of your body in order to be healed. That can take many hours, days, if not weeks.

If you just got lout of a bad relationship, you have to sulk, cry, get angry, all that is necessary in order to move on and build up the trust in yourself before you enter a new relationship. That can take weeks, months, for some even years (unfortunate souls)!

The more you practice (yes, practice!) letting little things just roll off of you (like the guy who cut you off in traffic, the kid that stepped on your foot and didn’t excuse himself), the better you’ll be able to handle large catastrophes! Practice getting yourself into a good mood. Listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite film, re-read your favorite books and articles, call your best friend, go workout, eat your favorite foods (but don’t overdo it, please).

You need to take the time you need to do what you need to do!

Starve the Fear, Feed the Desire!

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