Oh no! Please don’t start telling me about…


Oh no! Please don’t start telling me about…


Ever since the movie and book “The Secret” came out, so many people have been jumping on the “LOA” bandwagon. People have decided that they need to stop running around, sit down, make a wish, and they’ll get what they want. B.S.!!!

That just plays right into the hands of people who really don’t do enough about achieving their dreams and goals anyway, and now they’re allowed to really sit on their butts! What a trap! I guess it helps destroy the competition (if you believe in that sort of thing. I don’t.).

I have to make it clear straight off. I am NOT a fan of esotericism or “spirituality” in this sense. Esotericism and Spirituality (with the lack of religious beliefs) only accomplishes to dumb-down the masses and make them believe in magic. Believing in magic is OK for kids, but for grown-ups,… come on!

The most important part of ATTRACTION is the word “ACTION”!

You want to know why the LOA has worked for some people? They were very, very aware from the get-go about the necessity of ACTION. Congruent, 100% believing, focus-directed, action!

THAT is what gets your goals and dreams happening! Not talking or praying to your guardian angels, not writing letters to the universe, not spending hours creating your Dream Board! These practices are really just external ways of talking to yourself! So, why not cut out the middle man? TALK TO YOURSELF! DO IT POSITIVELY and DO IT OFTEN! (Not in front of others, please!)

And do yourself another favor:


You probably have plenty, found them helpful, and STILL didn’t USE the information you got out of them! If so, you’re like most people. I’ve been there as well. Go back to your favorite books, favorite chapters, and finally USE that stuff! You won’t need to do it all. Just making one single simple change in your life will create a landslide of results that will lead to other things you couldn’t have imagined.

Which one to do? The one that feels right, and do it right away!

Starve the Fear, Feed the Desire!

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