Why you need HIIL!


7 Reasons why you need HIIL

When it comes to fitness I’m a big fan of  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to transform your body by losing weight, excess fat and building muscle. It’s not only a great and natural way to keep fit but it’s does wonders for your mental toughness as well. You’re forced to go beyond the limits you thought you had.

That’s why I like HIIL!

What is HIIL? High Intensity Immediate Living!

HIIL is about removing unnecessary excess in your life, replacing the  things that weight you down and build your passion muscles in order to live an extraordinary life.

Before I go farther into the “how” let’s talk about the “why”.

Why would you want to live your life intensively?

I know that sounds like a stupid question but seriously think about that. You really already know why you should! So why don’t you already do it? Why aren’t we out there living our lives to intensively? Why aren’t we loving so passionately? Loving ourselves? Loving our life?

Just imagine that all of the dreams that you have, and have you’ve ever had, you could actually achieve? Imagine living the life you’ve always wanted? HIIL could do that for you!

What is HIIL?

High Intensity Immediate Living is living your life to the fullest in every moment of life. Sounds intimidating? It doesn’t have to be! We all know that our lives can be over at any moment. We don’t know how much time left we have on this earth. Growing old is privilege not given to all.

To make the most of your life you have to start by getting rid of those things that waste your time, energy and money… immediately! That may mean simplifying your life by reducing your possessions. Or that may mean simplifying your life by re-evaluating your current relationships.

Areas that are necessary to concentrate on are not only the “Big 3”, Mind, Body and Spirit, but Work, Play, Relationships and Financial as well!

Mind – Your Mental Health is the most important on this list. Without a healthy mind, it will always be difficult for you to see, correct, adjust, and re-evaluate all those things that are important in your life.

Body – Without Physical Health, all that you accomplish or wish to accomplish in your life will have no value whatsoever. No one can take their riches with them to the grave, an extra day at the office won’t prevent you from dying!

Spirit – Spiritual Health and an excellent moral compass will only make it easier for you to move through your life in times of happiness and times of turmoil. Taking time to establish a relationship with your Creator or simply your inner self will give you the resolve you need to make major changes in your life.

Work – Humans are goal-oriented beings and need tasks, goals, i.e. WORK in order to be happy. That work can be working at a job or profession that fulfils you, or that my mean working for yourself. It’s been said that God condemned Man to work, but He wasn’t necessarily taking about a JOB!

Play – “All work and no play makes Johnny a boring boy”. Rest and Relaxation (R&R) is an important part of a balanced life. Concentrated work keeps the brain active and healthy, as well as times of play and disconnecting from our world of hustle!

Relationships – Humans are social beings and we need contact to other human beings to be healthy and happy. Social Media is nice, but you need REAL, LIVE FRIENDS! Not simply those on the internet. A loving partner, children, professional and social acquaintances are an important spice of life and these relationships must be nurtured that same way as you would take care of a house plant.

Financial – Money is a great slave, but an awful master. Yes, money is important! It makes many things in life possible. Never let money sacrifice your higher ideals and ruin your life. Evaluate your relationship to money and get a clear stance on this issue. Are you looking for Financial Security or Financial Freedom? Take time to define for yourself what those two mean to you!

Once your clear on these issues. Develop some ideas, a routine, a plan on how to experience more balance your life.

Do you want to travel more? What does it mean to you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do once you’re there? Will you need to speak another language when you get there? (Even for a vacation!) Who’s coming with you? What will this mean for your relationship? For your family?

What could you do everyday that will bring you closer to that goal? Could you scope travel offers? Flight prices? Hotels? Sight-seeing at your destination? Language courses online or live classroom?

Do you want to be your boss? Be in control of your finances? Decide yourself how much money you earn? What do want to offer the world? What do you need to learn? What skills do you have to acquire? Could you do it alone? DO you need a business partner? What could you do everyday toward that goal?

Go through this process with every area of your life!

Warning! You won’t be able to do you everything at once! You may not be able to do something everyday. The World was not created in a day, neither will you or your life be recreated in a day. Paying attention to every area and working to improving them even by 1% will have a profound effect on you and your loved ones within 6 months!

Get started IMMEDIATELY with HIIL to create major change in your life!

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