About Starving the Fear

Hello and Welcome Surfers of the Blogosphere!

Thanks for dropping by my little piece of real estate on the web. I must admit that I kind of lead an interesting life so far. I was born and raised in New York City, travelled to more the 30 cities in Europe as a musician, learned to speak a second language and inklings of 3 others, I now have been living in Europe for the past 22 years, been married, divorced, have 3 lovely daughters…

I’m now coming up to my 50th birthday soon. I’m not at all bummed-out about it, I look forward to the next 50 years! I don’t hide my graying, slowly vanishing hair, and I try to stay to it.

Nevertheless, I like everyone else, have fears. Fears of “Is this all there is?”, “Will my life improve to more than this?”, “Will retirement be great, or something to dread while living in poverty?”, “When I do die, will it be cancer that kills me?” … You get the message.

I’ve created this blog in order to take on my most immobilizing fears and improve my health, my wealth, my faith, my relationships, … my life!

I hope that you monitor this journey with me by; thinking about what I write and may have read, cheering my on, telling me off, sharing your thoughts.

I believe that we all have only one life to live and that all human beings can be more than we presently perceive, and we all should at least, take a chance at becoming more and living more.

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