Yeah! Lift. Heavy. Shit! If you know anything about Bodybuilding, you know that in order to promote muscle growth, you have to push them to their limits. You have to shock them. You have to make the next session heavier than the last (naturally without hurting yourself! Don’t over do it!)

But have you thought about that the same principle applies to anything you do?
You want more flexibility? Stretch farther.
You want more knowledge? Read more difficult subjects.
You want a deep sense of spirituality in your life? Pray hard!
You want to learn a new language? Study hard and talk to people!
You want to be RICH? Study Money and Wealth and Discipline yourself!
You want to advance farther in anything in life?


And Do.It.Everyday!

Kill off that lazy SOB inside and get to work!

Nothing of any value in life is easily attainable. Some of the best are free, yes. But they take constant work to maintain.

Love. Relationships. Health. A Wealthy Mindset.

Some of those things may cost you some money, but it nothing in comparison to the benefits of having them.

Set Goals. Make them so HUGE that you first think that it’s impossible to achieve!

Take Massive Action. Take for granted that everything will take 10 times more effort than you think! But don’t let that deter you. If it scares you then you NEED to do it!

Starve Your Fear, Feed Your Passion!


Why you need HIIL!


7 Reasons why you need HIIL

When it comes to fitness I’m a big fan of  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to transform your body by losing weight, excess fat and building muscle. It’s not only a great and natural way to keep fit but it’s does wonders for your mental toughness as well. You’re forced to go beyond the limits you thought you had.

That’s why I like HIIL!

What is HIIL? High Intensity Immediate Living!

HIIL is about removing unnecessary excess in your life, replacing the  things that weight you down and build your passion muscles in order to live an extraordinary life.

Before I go farther into the “how” let’s talk about the “why”.

Why would you want to live your life intensively?

I know that sounds like a stupid question but seriously think about that. You really already know why you should! So why don’t you already do it? Why aren’t we out there living our lives to intensively? Why aren’t we loving so passionately? Loving ourselves? Loving our life?

Just imagine that all of the dreams that you have, and have you’ve ever had, you could actually achieve? Imagine living the life you’ve always wanted? HIIL could do that for you!

What is HIIL?

High Intensity Immediate Living is living your life to the fullest in every moment of life. Sounds intimidating? It doesn’t have to be! We all know that our lives can be over at any moment. We don’t know how much time left we have on this earth. Growing old is privilege not given to all.

To make the most of your life you have to start by getting rid of those things that waste your time, energy and money… immediately! That may mean simplifying your life by reducing your possessions. Or that may mean simplifying your life by re-evaluating your current relationships.

Areas that are necessary to concentrate on are not only the “Big 3”, Mind, Body and Spirit, but Work, Play, Relationships and Financial as well!

Mind – Your Mental Health is the most important on this list. Without a healthy mind, it will always be difficult for you to see, correct, adjust, and re-evaluate all those things that are important in your life.

Body – Without Physical Health, all that you accomplish or wish to accomplish in your life will have no value whatsoever. No one can take their riches with them to the grave, an extra day at the office won’t prevent you from dying!

Spirit – Spiritual Health and an excellent moral compass will only make it easier for you to move through your life in times of happiness and times of turmoil. Taking time to establish a relationship with your Creator or simply your inner self will give you the resolve you need to make major changes in your life.

Work – Humans are goal-oriented beings and need tasks, goals, i.e. WORK in order to be happy. That work can be working at a job or profession that fulfils you, or that my mean working for yourself. It’s been said that God condemned Man to work, but He wasn’t necessarily taking about a JOB!

Play – “All work and no play makes Johnny a boring boy”. Rest and Relaxation (R&R) is an important part of a balanced life. Concentrated work keeps the brain active and healthy, as well as times of play and disconnecting from our world of hustle!

Relationships – Humans are social beings and we need contact to other human beings to be healthy and happy. Social Media is nice, but you need REAL, LIVE FRIENDS! Not simply those on the internet. A loving partner, children, professional and social acquaintances are an important spice of life and these relationships must be nurtured that same way as you would take care of a house plant.

Financial – Money is a great slave, but an awful master. Yes, money is important! It makes many things in life possible. Never let money sacrifice your higher ideals and ruin your life. Evaluate your relationship to money and get a clear stance on this issue. Are you looking for Financial Security or Financial Freedom? Take time to define for yourself what those two mean to you!

Once your clear on these issues. Develop some ideas, a routine, a plan on how to experience more balance your life.

Do you want to travel more? What does it mean to you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do once you’re there? Will you need to speak another language when you get there? (Even for a vacation!) Who’s coming with you? What will this mean for your relationship? For your family?

What could you do everyday that will bring you closer to that goal? Could you scope travel offers? Flight prices? Hotels? Sight-seeing at your destination? Language courses online or live classroom?

Do you want to be your boss? Be in control of your finances? Decide yourself how much money you earn? What do want to offer the world? What do you need to learn? What skills do you have to acquire? Could you do it alone? DO you need a business partner? What could you do everyday toward that goal?

Go through this process with every area of your life!

Warning! You won’t be able to do you everything at once! You may not be able to do something everyday. The World was not created in a day, neither will you or your life be recreated in a day. Paying attention to every area and working to improving them even by 1% will have a profound effect on you and your loved ones within 6 months!

Get started IMMEDIATELY with HIIL to create major change in your life!

Oh no! Please don’t start telling me about…


Oh no! Please don’t start telling me about…


Ever since the movie and book “The Secret” came out, so many people have been jumping on the “LOA” bandwagon. People have decided that they need to stop running around, sit down, make a wish, and they’ll get what they want. B.S.!!!

That just plays right into the hands of people who really don’t do enough about achieving their dreams and goals anyway, and now they’re allowed to really sit on their butts! What a trap! I guess it helps destroy the competition (if you believe in that sort of thing. I don’t.).

I have to make it clear straight off. I am NOT a fan of esotericism or “spirituality” in this sense. Esotericism and Spirituality (with the lack of religious beliefs) only accomplishes to dumb-down the masses and make them believe in magic. Believing in magic is OK for kids, but for grown-ups,… come on!

The most important part of ATTRACTION is the word “ACTION”!

You want to know why the LOA has worked for some people? They were very, very aware from the get-go about the necessity of ACTION. Congruent, 100% believing, focus-directed, action!

THAT is what gets your goals and dreams happening! Not talking or praying to your guardian angels, not writing letters to the universe, not spending hours creating your Dream Board! These practices are really just external ways of talking to yourself! So, why not cut out the middle man? TALK TO YOURSELF! DO IT POSITIVELY and DO IT OFTEN! (Not in front of others, please!)

And do yourself another favor:


You probably have plenty, found them helpful, and STILL didn’t USE the information you got out of them! If so, you’re like most people. I’ve been there as well. Go back to your favorite books, favorite chapters, and finally USE that stuff! You won’t need to do it all. Just making one single simple change in your life will create a landslide of results that will lead to other things you couldn’t have imagined.

Which one to do? The one that feels right, and do it right away!

Starve the Fear, Feed the Desire!

Think You’re Too Old to Have New Goals?

Let’s face it, depending on how far you are down life’s line before your deathbed, it may seem hopeless to try to turn your life around in a new direction. But the truth is, as long as you’re still breathing you can still transform your life. Guaranteed!

Humans are a goal-oriented breed. We need to have goals set for us whether we are aware of it or not. As soon as we’ve reached one goal we’re setting our sights on the next, and then the next, and then the next. It’s impossible for us to continue living without goals. Without goals we become stagnant and start dying! So, the fact that you are still alive and still living, there must be a goal that you’re reaching for somewhere deep inside of you.

What are your goals?

How do you assess what they are? Look into your hopes and dreams! Trust in them! Don’t make light of them and don’t think that any of them are just crazy. It’s been said that if you can image it, you have power within you to attain it. It’s that simple. Hard to believe? Think about your life up until this point. Haven’t you reached goals that either you or others thought were not possible for you? If you’re honest with yourself, you surely have. You have to remember these achievements in order to fire yourself up for the next success.


Have you experienced failure? Sure you have! Did it mean the end of your world? It may have felt like it at the time, but in hindsight you’ll notice that it wasn’t the end of your life. You’ve transformed yourself into a new life out of the lessons learned from those failures. “Those who’ve never failed, have never really tried!” True failure occurs only when you give up. Don’t be one of those who were too timid to keep on trying after failing once, twice or more! Life is too precious and short to waste time wallowing over past disappointments and setbacks. Grab your life by the horns (or by the balls, if you prefer) and go head on.

Scared? Good! That means you’re leaving your comfort zone. You know what they say; “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone“.

Starve the Fear, and Feed the Dream!

End of the World?

Happy New Year!

Here we are in the year 2012! Finally made it!

Some people choose not to be happy about this. Some claim that the world will come to an end in December of this year.

I personally don’t believe the world is coming to an end. I think we, as human beings, still have plenty to do in order to mess up this planet even more before it’s all over. (Just kidding)Anyway, there are worlds that deserve to be destroyed and that is what this post is about. PersonalWorlds.Is your Financial World filled with stress? Fear of going broke? Fear of losing all that you have? Did you know that most people today experience as much fear about their financial situation as though they were being physically threatened? As though their life was in danger? Are you feeling that way? (I know I’ve been there, and not only once!) If you are experiencing that, can you try to take a sober attitude toward that right now? … C’mon, try it! Right now distance yourself from that threat and realize that it is just INSANE to feel so much anxiety over money. It’s been said, “Money is a great servant, but a terrible master.”

Decide right now, to declare Doomsday on this Financial World of Lack, Fear, and Poverty. Decide right now that this personal world must come to an end. Decide that you are no longer going to live in a world of financial lack and ruin. I don’t mean learning new financial techniques such as stock, bonds or real estate. You’re going to learn all that you can about being financially educated, financially responsible and financially independent.

In order to change your world, you have to change yourself. You have to change your thinking and you have to change your behavior. You must sit down or stand in front of the mirror and look yourself dead in the eyes and admit to yourself that you are scared. Scared out of your mind with fear about your financial situation. Be brutally honest with yourself about how you really think about money. Not how you should think, but how you really think. Just like in Alcoholics Anonymous, you have to admit your sick in order to heal yourself. Admit that you are financially ill in order to heal your situation. Make a commitment right now be master of your money and learn all you can about how to do just that.

How does your Emotional /Relationship World look like? Are you happy? Satisfied in your relationship? Your marriage? Are you in a relationship? Did you decide that you don’t want a relationship? If so, why? I mean, achieving success with no one to share it with is boring as hell and that’s not really being successful at all.

Are you still suffering from past relationships or marriages? Have you given up on finding or rediscovering true love? Do you even believe in True Love?

If you’re not the least bit happy with your relationship world, change it now! Life is much too short to be wasting time by living unfulfilled in the area of relationships.

Are you living in fear of losing your partner? Being controlled by your partner? Finding a partner? Annihilate this world right now! Admit to yourself in the mirror that you are afraid and you deserve to live differently. Divorce yourself from this world of emotional discontentment.

How about your Professional World? Are you satisfied there? Are you getting ahead like you planned, or did you get passed up on a promotion… again? Decide now that you are no longer going to take it anymore. You are no longer going to be a victim of your own lack of initiative. You are no longer going to suffer in silent desperation! Dismantle this world right now! Admit your fears!

Why is so important to admit your fears? You have to admit them in order to release them. Fear and Belief cannot coexist in the same heart!

After you destroy these little worlds, a vacuum will be present that you now have to fill. Fill them wisely. Fill them decisively. Fill them with all the desires you really have deep down inside you and stay true to them. No Matter What!

Get going now and destroy the old worlds and create the new!

Starve The Fear! Feed the Fire!

Who are YOU?

Who are you? What makes YOU so special? What makes you think that YOU can make something special, even fantastic out of your life? Was it a book? A motivational speaker? Your MOM??? What makes you think that against all odds, YOU are going to do what you want with your life anyway?

Personally, I always hated it when some people tried to tell me what was possible for me to do and what not. I mean, I HATED THAT! How DARE they decided what was possible for me! Somehow, I always knew that that was MY decision. Certain things I accomplished simply because I didn’t know that there were limitations. Therefore, there were no limitations for me. (More on that at another time) I’ve even seen friends of mine do so,… ignore limitations.

So, if we’re at the point of ignoring limitations, what makes you think that there is something you CAN’T do? Well, I’ll tell you. You either have been listening too much to too many other people, you just gave up because it seemed too hard, or that you realized that you were chasing the wrong dream and wanted something else. So sweat. Sh*t happens. That’s what life is for. SH*T IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, RIGHT?

I mean, don’t you get a buzz when something excited is happening in your life? Not just activities and “one-in-a-lifetime” experiences, but even peace and quiet can be soooooooooooo …. ahhhhhhh! 🙂

So again, what or who gave you the idea that you can chase AND achieve your dreams?

I’ll tell you.


The fact that you even have your desires proves that you have it in you to accomplish your goals and dreams. You wouldn’t have those desires if you didn’t have potential to achieve them.

To coin a phrase: “ONE LIFE, NO FEAR”.


Starve the Fear!


Read it! Own it!


Recently, I watched the movie “Cloverfield” again (I’m a science fiction fan). Well, anyway, at a farewell party, before the horror starts one of the main characters is on a fire escape with his brother and best friend. The “Good-Bye Boy” is being told off about how he’s acting like a jerk by letting the love of life, the woman of his dreams, go while he goes to Japan for a new job as Vice-President of a company.
The Quote: “It’s a moments. Forget the World and hang on to the people that you care about the most.” At that second, the horror of the movie begins. Mass destruction by the highly improbable attack of a huge monster where all of the protagonists (and many more) die. (Still a cool film to watch)

A few weeks ago I was having a talk with my oldest daughter who has wrestling over a decision about what she was going to do with her life. A thought that most of us had to answer (or are still trying to answer).  I offered the advice to think about “what she would do for years, over and over, even if you wouldn’t get paid for it”. I told her that it has been estimated that 80% of the population work a job that they HATE! That’s absolutely terrible and sad. To think that the average person works 40 years out of their life at a job or profession, it’s an amazing waste of time out of the brevity of life. Life is much too short to waste so much time with something that one hates or with something that doesn’t fulfill them.

So, what do you do? START LIVING! Carpe Diem!
I believe you only have this one life to live, and you should NOT waste it! God, Allah, Yehova, Yahweh, Elohim, The Great Spirit …  no matter by what name you call Him, did not design the human to suffer, be sad, nor to be unfulfilled. The Human is creative and is intended to create and to come to realization, not only for him/herself, but for all of humanity.

Now, let’s get practical. It may not be possible to do all what we want immediately, but living life is project for life to be worked on continually and does not come to finality except in one’s own death. “The Way is the Goal”. Starting taking back and enjoy your life, piece by piece, every single day, and before you know, you’ll be living in the happiness you were intended to have.

What are you afraid of?

I remember watching the late Bernie Mac on an episode of Def Comedy Jam. He began with the words “I ain’t scared of you M%$@ F*§$%s!

The crowd broke out in laughter, and so did I! I had to! He reminded me of guys I grew up with! Why do I laugh? It’s the kind of laughter of knowing exactly he meant when he said that. If you know Bernie Mac’s material, you know he wasn’t afraid of ANYBODY!

Another guy who reminded me of my school days is singer/actor/talkshow host Henry Rollins. If you know his songs, his stand-up act and his talkshow, you know he’s not afraid either.

It takes this lack of fear to really get ahead in anything you do. For me, it’s a huge cry of declaration of FREEDOM! Freedom to be what you are, who you are, live the way you want without anybody’s approval or blessings, regardless of how many people may think you’re being impractical, illogical, unreasonable, anti-social, or any other kind of small thinking you can imagine. Daring to be who you are is the most loving, pro-social, life-affirming thing that you can do. Not only for yourself, but for everyone!

It’s too easy to just sit in front of the television and let yourself get entertained to death, dumbed down, and let someone else decide who and what you are and what you should do with your life. It’s too easy to buy the newspaper everyday and get seduced by the headlines and believe that either you’re living in danger, or that life has never been better for you. It’s too easy to just follow one political party and put all of your trust in (and give all of your money to) them and not to think for yourself.

This is all like getting a frontal labotomy without having to check into a hospital for it. And it’s totally painless! But the price is very, very high!

Back to FEAR!

I remember back in New York City, as a jazz musician, so many guys where so afraid of someone stealing their “shit”. They were afraid of some stealing their musical ideas, their harmonic techniques, their connections, the musicians in their bands, anything! At times it was so hard to get to know other musicians too personally. When did one really get to meet anybody? Only when the other was sure that you weren’t a threat. Isn’t that crazy? Jazz is a collective art. It becomes its best when several musicians are adding their own creativity to the mix, and making it bigger and more beautiful that any single musician could create. Collaboration is the life blood of all living art!

How I got to travel as a musician for the first time was also the result of fear. I was offered to go on tour with a musical throughout Europe. Many musicians in New York City would go. Not because they weren’t interested, not because they didn’t want to play a musical. Most were afraid of losing career opportunities and wouldn’t leave New York City for any length of time. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” was their motto. Instead of enriching their lives through world travel, meeting new people and cultures, learning a language, forming new career opportunities, they chose to stay put and take the risk of not having anything change in their careers. Does that make sense to you? In any case, I wasn’t afraid. I was excited! For me, it was a childhood dream coming true to travel to Europe. I am a much richer human being for it. So many doors have been open for me because I chose to not be afraid.

Do I ever get scared? Sure, I do. It’s called being a “sane human being”. But at some point, that fear has to stop, or at least lessend. It’s been said; “Fear and Faith cannot coexist in the heart.”

Starve your Fear, Feed your Faith.

Doing It Wrong

A couple of days ago I read a cool comic image. It read;

Going Crazy: If you’re not going crazy, you’re doing it wrong.

Some people may not “get” that right away but no worry, I’ll break it down. It’s about Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle Design, Freedom, really anything that is important to you in your life. We often stop ourselves from following our dreams because;
a) we want things to be perfect (out of fear of failure or looking like a fool), or
b) believing that what we want is not realistic or profitable enough to sustain our current lifestyle let alone our “dream” lifestyle.

There are other reasons available to stop you from living the way you want. Feel free and pick the excuse that fits you. Just kidding. If you’re reading this, I guess you are not someone who believes in excuses. You are someone who believes in taking responsibility.

Taking responsibility doesn’t always mean “acting responsibly”. Of course, you want to be sure that you do all necessary to make sure all things are in place and that no one else gets hurt. But, acting responsibly is also that thing that keeps us acting on our dreams because we want to get everything right (aka perfect) the first time.

Well, forget it! You probably won’t get it “right” the first time. If you had put all your energy into you dreams, even if you don’t “get it right”, you’ll be inspired to keep on going.

I remember creating my first product. It was a CD-ROM with audio and pdf files with a web interface. I recorded everything on my PC, and burn the CDs myself and wrote on the CD-ROM with a CD-Marker. No professional sound design, web design or printing, nothing for the brick-and-mortar books stores. But, you know what? It didn’t matter.

The customers never complained about the price, sound quality, or its non-professionality.  The customers were interested in the content itself, not its packaging. And I think above all, I believe that customers were most content with the sincerity of how the material was presented. That’s what its about!

I was really surprised and excited that I was making money online with my own stuff. That was only the beginning. I didn’t make me rich, nor was I selling on a constant basis, but the experience kept me going to create more products and services.

I could go on, and I may update this post in the future, but in the meantime…