Slowly waking up

Good morning!

I woke up this morning realizing that I fell asleep last night with the light on. I remember I intended to continue reading I received from Amazon yesterday, The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau.

Now, non-conformity is no stranger to me. I am a musician aren’t I? If I wanted to conform to the world, I would have chosen a profession that promised a ton of cash, a nice house, a nice car, a beautiful wife … you get the picture. Funny thing is, I’ve always believed (and still believe) that my profession can still promise me all that. If I wanted to stick to conformity, I would have kept my butt in New York City and not have travelled the world and eventually migrated elsewhere. Funny thing is, I believe, if I had not been in New York City, I wouldn’t be here now.

So, if I’m such a good friend of conformity, why do I need to read on book on it? Well, maybe I’m not non-conformist enough? Maybe I need more ideas on being a non-conformist? Maybe, I just a few more techniques on non-conformity? Maybe, don’t really know what being a non-conformist is? Maybe, I’m really doubting my non-conformity?

A lot of questions!! But I guess that’s partially what it’s about. Questioning everything!

Anyway, after reading a few pages, realizing I needed my reading glasses (yes, my eyes aren’t so fit anymore), drinking my morning latte macchiato (self-made) and bowl of cereal, I needed to start taking action. I thought to myself; “I’ve got so many issues, which one should I tackle first?” Funny enough, it didn’t take me long to figure it out. My upcoming age and my relative dissatisfaction with where I am now in life in comparison to what I had always dreamed about, became the obvious motivator for this blog.

A few things that I promise (I hope) that you won’t have to read in this blog are: 1. Ranting and Raving, 2. Bitching and Whining, 3. Fits of Self-Pity and Regret. I may come up with a few others later. I’m not really a complainer and I don’t really believe in whining. I mean, I am a kind of a macho, but that’s normal guy stuff. Ladies, I still have a sensitive side. After all, I do have 3 daughters! 🙂

Well, what’s my plan so far? I want to, have to, re-invent myself!  Einstein once said (I’m paraphrasing); “You cannot solve a problem with the mind that caused the problem in the first place.” Just like the definition of insanity; Doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result. It just doesn’t work. So, am I planning a complete overhaul? Not really, but who knows? In any case, it’s a step-by-step, not easy, not painless, but simple process. I’ve started out a couple of months ago by deciding to lose my gut, start exercising, gain a 6-pack, stop smoking (for the umteenth time!) and start talking, i.e. expressing my thoughts and feelings. I know that sounds “touchy-feely” but, that has been ONE of my problems in my relationships so far.